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Winch for td8e

Nov 18, 2018 · 2 bShield for spread build since u gonna be at mosnter face all the time. No shield for sticky cluster build you have good range on sticky so u will be far slap recoil on it. But all heavy shield builds need Shield jewel that blocks any attack i never use it on any of my builds i just put shield avoid the big attacks normal attacks np.

Build it by making a new Iron Assault, and upgrading it into an Iron Assault 2 by using 3 Iron Ore. Then upgrade to a Jagras Assault 1 by using 1 Great Jagras Claw, 1 Great Jagras Hide, 3 Great Jagras Scale and 1 Sharp Claw. Then upgrade it to a Blazing Assault 1 by using 2 Anjanath Fang, 3 Anjanath Scale, and 1 Flame Sac.