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Jul 21, 2014 · I switched to inconsolata G. It works well with notepad ++ on Windows. Monaco used to work well with code blocks, but not with notepad ++. Camingo code, source code pro, consolas also works. Thanks for this awesome list. This is where I first knew about Monaco. Earlier I was using courier new – the default font on code blocks editor.

1. PuTTY 용 시스템 폰트 monaco.ttf 2. Monaco Font 2.0 + Gulim 레지스트리 (리부팅 필요) Monaco_Gulim.reg 굴림체 폰트가 이쁘게 나오지 않지만 그래도 좀 낫네~ 출처 : [펌]VIM에서 영문글꼴 한글 글꼴 잘쓰기 3. NHN D2Coding Font D2Coding-Ver1.0-TTC-20150